I believe the “why” is the most important place to create from, and gives purpose to creation. I believe that design and storytelling can be moving, but that those things rooted in a deeper purpose have the power to change things.

At the heart of everything I do, especially in the work I create, is a why.

My “why” stems from these three ideas: adventure, advocacy, and artistry. Adventure is daring to walk on the wild side, leaving the reservation, and always staying curious. Advocacy is stepping into someone else’s shoes, putting on their glasses, listening and watching. Artistry is crafting ideas into a tangible expression and exploring the relationship between the story and the medium. These are the things that get my heart beating, and are at the center of who I am. This is my pulse. As you look at my resume and portfolio, you will be able to see how my experience and work tie back into these ideas.



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